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There is a saying that " Profit is the reward for bearing the risk"
so why not you take it but in a small amount.


Game Rules:-

Aviator easy to Play as 1-2-3:


But remember, if you did not have time to make a Cashout before the Lucky Plane flies away, your bet is lost. Aviator is pure excitement ! Risk & Win all your hands!

More details:

  • The win multiplier starts at 1x and grows more and more as the Lucky Plane takes.

  • Your winnings are the multiplier at which you made a Cashout multiplied by your bet.

  • Before the start each round, our provably fair random number generator generates the coefficient at which the Lucky Plane will fly away. You can check the honesty of this generation by clicking on Green Shield opposite the result in the History Tab



Bet & Cashout:


  • Select amount and press" Bet” button to make a bet.

  • You can make two bets simultaneously, by adding second bet panel. To add second bet panel press plus icon, located on top right corner of first bet panel

  • Press "Cashout” button to cash out your winnings. Your win is bet multiplied by cashout coefficient.

  • Your bet is lost, it you didn't cash out before plane flies away


Auto Play & Auto Cashout:


  • Auto Play is activated from Auto tab in Bet Panel, by checking “Auto Bet" checkbox. After activated, bets will place automatically, but for cash out, you should press “cashout button in each round. It you want bet to cash out automatically, then use "auto cashout” option.

  • Auto Cashout is available from "Auto” tab on bet pane. After activating, your bet will be automatically cashed out, when reaches entered coefficient


Live Bets & Statistics:


  • On the left side of the game interface (or under Bet Panel on mobile), is located Live Bets panel Here you can see all bets that are being made in current round.

  • In My Bets” panel you can see all your bets and cashout information.

  • In “Top panel game statistics are located. You can browse wins by amount or cash out coefficient, and see the biggest round coefficients.


In-game Chat:


  • On the right side of the game interface (or after pressing chat icon, on top right corner of mobile interface), Chat Panel is located. In chat, you can communicate with other players. Also, Information about huge wins is being posted in chat automatically.


Free Bets:


  • You can check status of Free Bets, from Game Menu> Free Bets. Free Bets are being awarded by operator, or from Rain Feature.




  • Each round coefficient is from Provably Fair algorithm and is completely transparent and 100% fair. Read more about Probably fair system

  • You can check and modify Provably Fair settings from Game menu> Provably Fair settings.

  • You can check fairness of each round by pressing Green Shield icon, opposite the result in “My Bets or “Top Tab.




  • If the internet connection is interrupted when bet is active, the game will auto cash out with the current coefficient & winning amount will be added to your balance. In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets refunded.

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